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Weekly Updates: 11/19/2018 – 11/25/2018

Here is what you need to know this week!  The content for this update is from the 11/18/2018 eTales located here.

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As you have most likely already heard, our Kindies, 2nd and 4th graders are leading a school-wide project of collecting, filling and packaging 30 “BOODLE BOXES” to be sent overseas to the brave women and men serving our country – The Brave Rifles, 3rd Cavalry, out of Fort Hood, TX (see attached picture).

THANK YOU to those who have already donated! We are thrilled to be supporting this amazing effort…as it is a blessing for the troops as well as for our Cottonwood community.

You can still help! 

DONATE (By TOMORROW): In order to make the boxes well-rounded with needed and wanted items, there are still some specific things we’d love to collect. See HERE to signup to donate. And the original list of requested items is also attached.

VOLUNTEER (Tomorrow, the 19th and Tuesday the 20th): Throughout these two days, the specials teachers and students will be helping decorate, make cards and ornaments, and pack the boxes. They’d love your help! There are lots of short and sweet opportunities to help with your child’s (children’s) classes.

Click HERE to volunteer.

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Planning on doing some Black Friday shopping this week? When you log onto Amazon, make sure you use the Amazon Smile link .  Amazon supports Cottonwood every time you shop using this link!

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Need a fun activity for thanksgiving week or winter break? Gather friends and meet at X-TREME Challenge in Centennial! It’s a 30,000 square foot athletic and stunt facility is offering the Cottonwood community an opportunity to purchase drop-in passes and camp passes.

X-treme Challenge supports Cottonwood with every purchase! By clicking on the link below, you will be directed to the X-Treme Challenge website where you can purchase different passes to the arena. Options include a pass for a 1-hour drop in class, a 2-hour drop in class, a half-day camp pass, and a full-day camp pass.

The passes can then be used for drop-in and camps throughout the year.  X-Treme Challenge typically holds drop-ins and camps on days that school is not in session including Thanksgiving week, Winter Break, President’s Day and Spring Break. You may purchase as many drop-in or camp passes as you would like and any combination of the four options as well! The passes do not expire and may be applied to any dates in which there is availability. Please note that each of the four options is for children ages 6-12 years.

For more information on X-Treme Challenge Arena as well as a link to their calendar, please visit their website at Once you have made your purchase, you must contact X-Treme Challenge Arena Centennial at (303-834-1081) to reserve a date and time for your child to attend. You will need to have your confirmation number provided at check-out to make the reservation. Reservations are subject to availability.

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Our Holiday Traditions Potluck was a huge success!  Our cultural connections chairs Winnie and Kristen would like to thank everyone that came and brought food. All the dishes were delicious. Kids had a great time doing crafts and Cottonwood families enjoyed getting to know each other. Thank you to Ms.Johnson and all the teachers who attended this fun event!

A SPECIAL THANK YOU to Winnie Chang and Kristen Howell for their time and efforts organizing and hosting this amazing Cottonwood Tradition!



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First Round Box Top Winners – Ms. Gelwick’s 4th Grade

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Cottonwood’s first Box Top collection earned our school over $600 (thanks again Annette for all your counting)! To achieve our goal of $1800 we ask for you to keep up the fantastic work by continuing to choose Box Top participating products, clipping those coupons!  We will have another collection contest in the spring… start collecting now and we’ll let you know when it’s time to send them in!

Ms. Gelwick’s 4th grade class were the winners of the fall collection contest!!  They enjoyed the most amazing chocolate fountain party this past Friday, courtesy of the Box Top committee!

Please visit for a complete list of Box Top products, some really good coupons and information about how to score tons of free Box Tops. Signing up is simple, quick and free. Please contact Annette at with any questions.

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Cougar Care Scholarship Fund


Cottonwood Creek Elementary is excited to announce the creation of the Cougar Care Scholarship Fund. The purpose of the scholarship fund is to help some of our own Cougar families who may lack the resources to participate in various opportunities offered to our students throughout the year. The scholarship fund would provide financial assistance for school and/or PTO sponsored events such as field trips, community events, and fundraisers to those who would like to attend, but might not have the financial resources to do so. Parents, staff and other members of our community are welcome to contribute to the scholarship fund.

All donations must be made by check, made payable to Cottonwood Creek Elementary, and dropped off to Joan in the front office. Please note scholarship fund on the memo line. The Cougar Care Scholarship Fund will be managed by the principal’s office manager, and the school administration and mental health team will distribute funds as needed.  Contributions will be accepted throughout the year and the fund will roll over from year to year with any unused funds.  Any amount is appreciated.  If most families contributed $5, we will be able to make a significant impact on those who may need assistance within our community. Thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity. It is genuinely appreciated as Cottonwood expands our efforts to give back to our Cougar community.


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Cougar Rewards!


Help support Cottonwood every time you shop at the following online retailers:






As well as our Neighborhood CRAVE IT! and DELECTABLE EGG Restaurants! AND Kings Soopers!

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Did you know that every time you make a purchase at King Soopers using your reloadable card, Cottonwood receives a portion of what you load on to your card back? It’s that simple and easy. The only difficult thing is to remember to use it! If you don’t yet have a card, please contact our treasurer, Kimber Foster at

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Music Room Handy Helpers Needed


Mr. Pedregon, the music teacher, is looking for a couple of handy volunteers to do some light carpentry in the music room. The work would involve covering a gap between the wall and the raised floor section of the room with molding/trim to prevent items from falling into the gap. A miter saw would be needed as this section of the music room is a half-hexagon shape. The cost of materials would be reimbursed by the school. Please contact Susan Mui ( or Winnie Chang ( if you can help.

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Week of November 19, 2018

Part of what makes the Cottonwood Community so special is its many dedicated volunteers! From the classrooms to the art room and library, and to those who provide yummy meals for our teachers…and all over Cottonwood, you can find our phenomenal group of volunteers!

Thank you again to Winnie Chang and Kristen Howell for organizing the always popular Holiday Traditions Potluck.

Thank you to Lauren Kauffman for organizing our super successful Red Robin restaurant night and Thank you to Amy Lauber and Kim Eggers who have been working hard all year long arranging all of our fun outings!

On behalf of the PTO, we THANK AND APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU for donating your time and energy to our amazing students and our incredible school!


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Important Dates Coming Up!





11/19 – MONDAY!! Last Day to drop off Boodle Box donations

11/21-11/23: NO SCHOOL – Happy Thanksgiving!

11/29: 5th Grade Music Program

12/11: Chipotle Restaurant Night (Arapahoe/Peoria)

12/13: 4th & 5th Grade Choir Performance


1/7 – Family Sports Center Day

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5th Grade Parents – Earn Money Toward High Trails

High Trails

Are you the parent of a 5th grader?  As you may know the 5th graders go to High Trails on a camp retreat in Florissant, Colorado each Spring.  This is a fabulous trip that the kids look forward to all year long.  The cost of the trip is approximately $250.00.

As a parent, you can earn money toward your child’s trip fee by shopping at King Soopers.   Purchase a High Trails King Soopers Card for $5 (pre-loaded with $5), and use this card when you grocery shop or buy gas at King Soopers.  King Soopers will donate 5% of your purchases to your own child’s trip fee!!!  You can reload the card as often as you like.  In past year, some children have had their entire trip paid for!

To purchase a High Trails King Soopers Card please contact Kim Olson at  Feel free to purchase multiple card for local relatives or grandparents : )

**Please note this card is different than the King Soopers cards sold by the PTO. Contact Kim Olson for more information or to purchase a card:

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Have you ever wondered what the PTO does with the money we raise? We have a proposed budget of approximately $146,000 for the 2018/2019 school year.

The largest piece of our budget is to provide teacher assistance – TA’s and para-professionals – to our amazing Cottonwood teaching staff (48% of budget)!  Without the support of you – our Cottonwood community – our school would not benefit from the teacher’s assistants which enhance our entire learning community!  This is just one very BIG example of your generosity and dollars helping the PTO enhance our Cottonwood community every single day!  If you ever have questions about the budget or where the PTO dollars go, please do not hesitate to ask any eBoard member!

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Thank you Cottonwood Community!!

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Thank you to the members of the Cottonwood community who came to the funds allocation meeting to vote on the various requests from our teachers, staff, and parents this past week.    In case you missed it, we are excited to announce the following items that will be allocated to Cottonwood Creek on behalf of the 2017-18 PTO.

  • Furniture to furnish 2 new Stem Labs
  • Lightspeed sound systems for 3rd thru 5th grade classrooms (PTO purchased K thru 2nd last year)
  • Science and Social Studies Book sets for each kindergarten classroom so all students can have access. Kindergarten uses the Lucy Calkins reading curriculum with amazing results!
  • A Carvey-Digital Manufacturing Tool for a Makerspace to be used in stem and innovation space.  It creates hands-on project-based learning opportunities for all grades.
  • Equipment for the new Greenscreen/Recording studio including tripod, mic, adaptors, etc.
  • Sphero Robots. The sphero education kits will be used in all grades in stem and innovation labs. They teach robotics and fundamentals of programming. The kits can also be checked out by students.
  • Dash Robots Classroom Pack. The robotic kits will be used in grades K-5 in the stem and innovation labs. Dash is a real robot that responds to voice and can be coded using blockly.
  • Vex IQ Classroom Bundle Robotic Kit. The Vex Robotics classroom set will be used with 3rd thru 5th graders in stem and innovation labs.  Hands-on learning that encompasses robotics and coding.
  • Makerbot replicator and desktop 3D printer. It will be used in stem and innovation space supporting K – 5 projects.
  • New Ice Machine in nurse’s office
  • Funding for the Cherry Creek Arts Mobile Gallery
  • And last but certainly not least….a new Cougar Mascot Costume!  Look for him in the fall!

This list is AMAZING!

What an incredible community!  Again, thank you for your support and generosity throughout the entire school year.  Our amazing parents are the cornerstone of Cottonwood.  You, along with our hard-working teachers and staff are what sets Cottonwood apart from other schools.

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