Registration Day – Monday August 10th

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Registration will take place on Monday, August 10th from 12pm – 6 pm.

Please follow the below schedule for your registration time.

Last names beginning with A-H 12pm-2pm

Last names beginning with I-Q 2pm-4pm

Last names beginning with R-Z  4pm-6pm

At registration you will have the opportunity to:

* Although credit cards will be accepted, payment by cash or check for all registration items is greatly preferred as it will ease the checkout process.  Thank you.

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September P.I.N. Meeting

Parent InfoPin Logordrmation Network (PIN): Save the date! The first presentation for the 2015-2016 year is Tuesday, September 1st with the topic, “Conscious Leadership – Lessons from a Burnt Field in Pennsylvania”.  Talk it up with your friends this summer at the pool, grocery store, and on the sidelines of the sports fields the 9/1 date. We would love to pack the house to kick off the 2015-2016 year!

Time:  9:15am-11:15 am

Location: *Sept-April Presentations held at Student Achievement Resource Center (SARC) 14188 East Briarwood Avenue, Centennial, CO 80112

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You are PTO!

What?  I aPTO logom PTO?  You mean, you are the PTO.

Yes, I am PTO, but so are YOU!  We all are!  By nature of having a child attend Cottonwood Creek Elementary, you are a member of the Cottonwood Creek PTO!

What does that mean?  Do I have to volunteer everyday?  Go to all the meetings?  I don’t get it.

What being a member of our PTO means is Your Voice Matters.  You opinions matter!  Yes, we would love for you to come to our monthly PTO meetings.  But yes, we totally understand that meeting attendance is not possible for everyone based upon personal schedules.  We would like to keep you in the know as to what is happening around our school.  We hope you can attend a meeting or a few, but if you can not, we hope you will find this website extremely helpful.

This website will be your go to place for much of the information you need to navigate through the school year.  We will post PTO meeting minutes here, along with upcoming events, fundraising goals and events as well as volunteer opportunities.

I would like to help out; however, I work during the school day.

There are several ways to help out at Cottonwood.  Yes, daytime volunteer hours are an option, but we realize they are not convenient for everyone.  On this website, we will explain all of the possible ways to contribute to Cottonwood and the numerous ways you can get involved if you so choose.

Thank you for reading this far.  We hope you continue to explore this website now that you realize YOU ARE PTO!


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