[Hidden image]Helping Hands: The Mittens are Up and We Need YOUR Help!

First of all, thank you to those who have already come by the school to adopt a family off the mitten board! We have already had many families adopted for the holidays. And thank you to Cottonwood’s Third Grade Girl Scout Troop, 65373, for helping make all the signs and creating the mitten board! It looks fabulous! You girls worked hard!

Each of these mittens represents a family from a sister school or even within our own Cottonwood community… and as you can see by the attached picture, we still have quite a few mittens with families on them. Please consider joining together as friends, neighbors, scout troops, sports teams, etc. and buy holiday gifts for a family. It’s a magical way to reach out and share this holiday season.

Each mitten will be labeled with a letter (i.e. Family A) and will include ages, gender, sizes, needs and wants. Take a mitten and mark your choice on the signup sheet on the display. Shop for the chosen family and bring all gifts in one bag—with items labeled and unwrapped— to Cottonwood between Dec. 17th to the 19th. If you can include a roll of wrapping paper, that would be great!

**adopt an entire family or get some friends together and combine your resources!!**

Don’t hesitate to contact Mimi Skeehan (vballcougar@aol.com) or Jennie Preece (jenniepreece@gmail.com) with any questions. We appreciate your generosity and giving spirits! Thank you and happy holidays!

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