Sponsor Opportunities

Would you like to advertise your business to the Cottonwood community?  They are several sponsorship opportunities throughout the school year.

Cottonwood Caller – Place an advertisement in our school directory, the Cottonwood Caller.  Please contact Sally Park (sallyjeanpark@gmail.com) or Crystal Windbigler (cwindbigler@gmail.com) for information.

Cottonwood Carnival – Sponsor a booth at the Fall Carnival.  Please contact Elise Marks for more information (elisegmarks@aol.com).

Fall Online Auction – Donate a service from your business for our Fall online auction.

Spring Event – There are several ways in which you can advertise your business at the Spring Event.  Please contact Erin Yokomichi (waysandmeans@cottonwoodpto.com) for details.

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