This Week’s Auction Spotlight – Brazilian Amethyst!


Each week we will highlight an amazing item that will be featured at our live auction! ​

#1 Brazilian Amethyst on Stand
This gorgeous 100% natural piece creates a stunning, one of a kind centerpiece in your home, medical, dental, law, real estate and other places of business!​
Highlights:  Read more about Amethyst  here
  • Weight: 69.6 kg/ 153 lbs

  • Height: 51” from floor to top of amethyst geode cluster.

  • Dimensions of Amethyst Geode: 30” wide at widest point narrowing down to 5-7” at the bottom. 29” tall.

  • Grade 16 (Second highest grade used in this particular wholesaler’s grading system. This is high end gallery quality.)

  • Retail Value: $5,700-$7,600.

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