Thank You!

As we complete this year as your Presidents, the feeling is surreal and bittersweet. It has been a year of wonderful celebrations, hard work and grand achievement.  It has also been a year of unforeseen challenges, deep disappointment and heart aching loss. But, most importantly, we are deeply grateful for the opportunity and honor to serve this community.

Thank you to Paula McAtee for organizing Restaurant Nights all year long!  We appreciate everyone who enjoyed Lil Ricci’s Pizza last Tuesday in support of our school.  Especially now, it is humbling to see the community turn out and support the local businesses who have always been so loyal to Cottonwood.

Thank you to the 5th Grade Continuation Committee who has made a pivot and been working hard these last few weeks with the school to come up with the 5th Grade Continuation Parade.  We can’t wait to celebrate this milestone and have fun next Tuesday as we wish these students farewell and good luck on their next chapter!

Thank you to Courtney Taylor and Jessica Rothschild for organizing the on-line school supply sale. We appreciate your patience and organizing the details of this sale during our current environment.

Finally, thank you to our fellow Executive Board Members.  There aren’t words to express our sincerest gratitude for those who held leadership positions this year.  Your dedication, intuition and knowledge made our role as Co-Presidents unforgettable.

  • For the five of us that came in two years ago as acquaintances, we are leaving with deep admiration, mutual respect and heartfelt friendships.  We will miss our effortless camaraderie. Thank you for your service, your time and energy – Jessica Rothschild, Treasurer, Lindsey Bye, Ways and Means, Melisande Holohan, Secretary.
  • For the five forging on, we are so excited for the great things to come under your continued leadership.  We will be your biggest supporters and number one fans!  Whitney Berger and Lindsey Talaga, Co-Presidents, Diana Miller, Treasurer, Lauren Kauffman, Ways and Means, Colleen Chan, Secretary.
  • For the five incoming board members, thank you for stepping up and volunteering.  We are grateful for your enthusiasm and fresh perspective. Tina Suneja​ and Shanna Evans, ​Co-Vice Presidents, Monica Bogue, ​Ways and Means, Heather Robbins, Treasurer, and Ashley MullSecretary.

To everyone in the Cottonwood Community, we wish you moments of peace this summer.  We will miss our time volunteering as your Co-Presidents.  Take care and be safe!

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