PTO Funds Allocations

The PTO holds a Funds Allocations meeting one time per school year.  The meeting takes place in the Spring.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the funds allocation meetings will be held on May 13, 2020.  As with all the PTO meetings, the funds allocations meetings are open to the entire Cottonwood community (staff, teachers and parents).

PTO funds are available to provide or supplement programs, equipment, supplies, or services that may not be available through other sources, i.e. grade level funding, school, or district budgets.  Uses of PTO funds should fall within the stated purpose of the Cottonwood PTO as set forth in the Bylaws.  Funds allocated should benefit the greatest possible number of students, whether impacting the entire school, an entire grade level, a special program or special need.

Requests for PTO funds will be submitted through a written proposal to the Board by a pre-specified deadline. More information regarding submitting a proposal will become available shortly before the  allocation meeting.  PTO will conduct a formalized funds allocation process at the funds allocation meetings.  Funding needed at other times may be considered by the Board on an exception basis.

For more information about the Funds Allocation Process, please visit our Policies & Procedures webpage.