Cultural Connections

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What is Cultural Connections?

Cultural Connections (*P.A.S.S.) focuses on organizing Cottonwood activities to foster relationships, celebrate each unique heritage, and work together to help our kids thrive at Cottonwood and in the global world.

We celebrate the fusion of ALL families, languages, and traditions in the hopes of building bridges and resources among our community. 

Who is invited?

EVERYONE is invited and encouraged to join us at any or all events. Whether you come from Japan, lived for a time in Australia, or just love African music, come share what makes us unique and what makes us so similar!

How can I get involved?

If you are interested in helping with events & activities,

please contact Winnie Chang or Kristen Howell (Co-Chairs)

We’d love your input, experience, and voice!



* PASS: Partnership for Academically Successful Students